White Smart Blinds


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  • Ships in 3-4 business days

Ships in 3-4 business days

MySmartBlinds are the smartest, Bluetooth-enabled blinds for interior windows. Enable sunrise/sunset automation, regulate the temperature of your home with Energy Savings mode, and set repeating tilting schedules, all without having to lift a finger. MySmartBlinds include a solar charging panel so you never have to plug them in.

Please note: compatible with windows 21-73⅞ inches wide.

- Easy to install - Automatically tilt open and closed - Control natural light and maintain privacy- Easily controlled and programmable via Bluetooth-enabled device

Please note: if measurements are submitted incorrectly and your window coverings do not fit your window, you will not be refunded.

Please make sure to follow our measuring instructions carefully.

Measure twice, order once.

Measurement Instruction Video

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App Controlled

Open and close your blinds directly from your smartphone.

Set Your Schedule

Set a schedule for your blinds to open & close.

Solar Powered

Solar charging means no plugging in, wasting batteries, or losing power. Save your home – and yourself – some energy.

How It Works

Why did I wait to buy these?

"These blinds are amazing. Great quality, easy to install, and perfect for the high windows in my home!
I can open and close them when I want, even though the windows are too high to reach without a ladder.
I thought I'd just have to be blinded by the sun forever. Tilt blinds are a life changer!"

Smart Features

MySmartBlinds gives you control of your home’s lighting and privacy from the palm of your hand. All of your schedules and automations are remembered within MySmartBlinds’ onboard motor and are repeated no matter where you are. All you need to set up MySmartBlinds and control them on demand is the MySmartBlinds smartphone app on a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Automate Your Schedule

Keep your home on schedule without lifting a finger. Set schedules and light preferences that update automatically with seasons and time changes. Onboard memory gives peace of mind that your blinds will perform on your schedule no matter where you are, so whether you want to make your home look occupied when you’re out, protect your furniture from sun damage, or feed your plants with sunlight, we’ve got you covered.

Fastest Installation There Is

SmartLock technology for inside mounts takes tools out of the installation equation, making it a minute-or-less process.


What Is Included?

Every MySmartBlinds Ships With:

    • Motorization
    • Hardware
    • Smart Lock Toolless Mounting System (Only when selected)
    • 1 Blind w/ matching magnetic valance
    • 1 tilt wand
    • Solar Panel



  • Window frames or open areas 21” – 73.125” wide and 120” tall
  • Window frames with a depth equal to or greater than 2.5”
  • Can be mounted inside a window frame, outside of a window frame, or on a door


  • 2.5in Venetian Faux Wood
  • Color: Antique White


  • Q: Can I mount 2 or more blinds side-by-side?

      A: Yes. This is possible when using our traditional mounting hardware, not Smart Lock. Just mount the mounting brackets side by side and proceed to hang your blinds right next to each other.