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Air Drop

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Keep tires and balls from falling flat with Air Drop, a wirelessly controlled air inflator with a 25 foot spring-loaded retractable air hose.

Set target air pressures in the iOS app and Air Drop automatically turns off when the target pressure is reached.

Save specific pressures as presets in the iOS app to make it easy to fill the same items regularly. A small container attached to the drop-down air hose keeps accessories like inflating needles and valve adapters easily accessible.

How It Works

Air On Demand

"Seems like there is always something that needs air and pulling out the old compressor was such a hastle. With Air Drop I can fill the tires on the cars, bikes, golf cart, two wheel dolly, rafts, etc by just reaching up and pulling down the air hose and attachments!"

Airdrop Features

  • 25 foot hose
  • Inflates items from 0-125 PSI
  • Adjustable stop keeps hose within reach, no matter the ceiling height
  • Includes built-in accessory storage for nozzles and needles
  • Includes single mounting bracket, but is compatible with Smart Track (sold separately)
  • Wireless control via smartphone or tablet (compatible with iOS only - Android coming soon)
  • Patented power passthrough technology allows Air Drop to daisy chain with other Garage Smart AC products

A Clean Look

Hold all of your Smarterhome products with this versatile track system. Connect multiple 30 inch tracks and use the included plastic covers to hide wires.

Save PSI Settings

Save PSI presents for all your gear. One click in the app will auto fill to your set target PSI.