About us

Smarterhome is a technology company with people who are passionate about developing products that address real world problems in a smarter way. At the heart of Smarterhome are product solutions like our Bluetooth enabled lifters and automated window coverings that give people the ability to address everyday tasks in a smart, convenient, set it and forget it way.



Smarterhome started with a simple question that many people ask on a regular basis. How can I get more out of the space I currently have? That question led to the development of our Bluetooth enabled myLifter product, which raised over $100k on Kickstarter. The funds we raised, as well as the great feedback we received from the Kickstarter community, allowed us to further develop and eventually launch myLifter. Over the years we’ve made various improvements and launched even more products to help people use their space in a more efficient and smarter way.


Building on our initial success with myLifter, we looked for other ways to make everyday products better, smarter and more convenient to use. This approach led us to develop and launch MySmartBlinds, the world’s smartest window coverings, a few years later. MySmartBlinds has grown to include other offerings, including retrofit automation kits as well as MySmartShades and more.


We’re not done yet. We’re still on a mission to transform lives with technology.