Frequently Asked Questions

How much can the MyLifter lift?

The MyLifter is engineered to lift 50 lbs. by itself. When it is combined with the pulley accessory, the maximum lifting capacity increases to 100 lbs. Also, Lifters are designed to work together to lift heavier objects. Link up four Lifters to lift up to 400 lbs.


Are there any installation restrictions for what kind of ceilings Garage Smart products will fasten to?

Our products are designed to be fastened or screwed into wooden studs in the ceiling. They can not be screwed into metal studs, lathe and plaster ceilings, concrete ceilings, or drop ceilings.


What will happen if I try to lift more than the weight requirement (i.e. Basic Lifter, Hard Top Lifter, Universal Lifter, etc.)?

Customer safety is our top priority. We designed the Lifter with a built-in load sensor. If too much weight is placed on the Lifter it will stop operating, hold the load in place, and send you an alert on your phone. The lifter will start operating again when the load is reduced within safe limits.


What does my warranty cover?

Any defect in material and workmanship from personal, normal household use in accordance with the Owner's Manual. Lifetime, from date of purchase. The warranty is limited to the consumer who originally purchase the product. For more information about warranty please click here.


Can I use multiple Lifters on the same bracket?

One Lifter can be placed between each set of lag screws on the brackets in order to safely lift to capacity.


Do I have to have anything at the end of the cable to raise it?

Version 1 of the MyLifter requires a small amount of weight attached to the end of the cable in order to lift smoothly and give the cable a long life. Version 2 of the MyLifter does not require anything on the end of the cable to raise it.


Can I convert my Universal Lifter into another kind of kit or vice versa?

Absolutely. The Universal Lifter system can mix and match accessories in order to meet your storage needs and style.


I see that the Lifter products have to be plugged in, but I don’t have an electrical outlet in my ceiling. What do I do?

Garage Smart has designed a specifically engineered power cord accessory to run from the wall to the ceiling. The device comes with all the attachments you need to install it safely and attractively.


How long is the cable length of each of the Lifter products?

The Lifter cable length is approximately 24 feet. This allows you to hoist items on ceilings up to 12 feet when using the pulley system included in our kits.    


How long is the AC Power Adapter cord?

Each Lifter comes with a 3 ft. DC power cable. This cable needs to connect to the included AC Power Adapter, which has a 6 ft. cable to plug in to your AC outlet. Each Power Adapter can power up to 5 Garage Smart products.